• Beras manor


    No.117, Longquan Road, Longshuili, Hengchun Town, Pingtung County

  • Themes

    Welcome home!

    Quiet and leisure

    Located in Longshui, Hengchun, it is also a good place to plant organic farmland. Next to the hotel is a large paddy field. The view is very beautiful and very broad. It is a quiet and leisurely accommodation.

    Streamlined beauty

    Create a streamlined aesthetic, with a modern style as a comfortable curve, creating a neat texture.

    Exquisite delicious breakfast

    Exquisite delicious breakfast, sitting in front of the rice fields and dining with beautiful scenery, awakening the vitality of the day is a great relaxing holiday!

  • Double room

    New Year Festival, Spring Scream:9000
    Summer holiday:6680
    Holiday and summer weekday:5480

  • Quadruple room

    New Year Festival, Spring Scream:7800
    Summer holiday:5480
    Holiday and summer weekday:4280

  • Single house (14 people)

    New Year Festival, Spring Scream:41400
    Summer holiday:29800
    Holiday and summer weekday:23800

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